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GPSKU is a business activity established since the year 2008 at Yogyakarta and now Already Become PT.GPSKU Karya Indonesia. Certainly very experienced in the field of GPS Tracking technology by mastering Software Development Program and Custom Hardware that can be applied for monitoring and controlling needs of personal, corporate, state and government assets and Integration as well as more GIS Mapping Development Project by INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT. We also provide products both in units and large with Lifetime Warranty.

Vision and mission :

1. Simple

Applying a proportional lifestyle, unable and able to prioritize something more necessary and the ability to accept existing, strive to be fair and grateful for every sustenance that provides with the use of useful and meaningful things. Ability that benefits and becomes energy in our lives.

2. Innovation

The new ones in the other direction, which are different from those already existed, are committed intentionally and not commercially

3. Integration

We will adapt to technological and industrial developments that will yield the best performance for the company and monitoring things to use GPS assets


With all humility, We strive to apply our gratitude and our social sense to the Children of the Country Indonesia

Dapatkan GPSKU Untuk Segala Kebutuhan Anda

GPSKU Menawarkan Berbagai Jenis Pelacak GPS untuk Motor, Mobil, dan Alat Berat, Mulai dari Harga Terjangkau hingga Pilihan Terbaik, Didukung Server Asli Buatan Indonesia. Pemasangan GPS Kendaraan Dilakukan oleh Teknisi yang Handal.

Jika Anda Tertarik dengan Layanan Private Server, Pelaporan Data Kustom, Pembuatan Aplikasi Android dan iOS, Location Based Service untuk Sales Force, Kurir, Logistik, Absensi, Integrasi API untuk Korporasi dan Pemerintah (Kementerian), serta Presentasi Zoom Online, Silakan Hubungi Kami.

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PT. GPSKU Karya Indonesia.

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