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GPS fleet tracking Indonesian #1 by GPSKU

GPSKU Fleet Management System is engineered to make managing fleets simpler, providing fleet operators with insight and deep understanding on driver & vehicle performance, driving behavior ranking and help you reduce operation costs while making the fleet safer.


Our service

GPSKU | Fleet Management System powers a wide range of enterprises, from small/medium companies multinational corporate enterprises, from government bodies to large government-linked companies in indonesia. We pride ourselves in engineering innovative solutions to make fleet management better, and help to create safer roads for all. Also, our customers say that GPSKU has the best aftersales and customer support team inFleet Management industry.



transportation the extra mile with the increased fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency you’ll gain from GPSKU | GPS tracking solution for the transportation industry, while at the same time lowering risks and bettering regulatory compliance.


Our LBS solution for government is specifically designed for all agencies and supports security, emergency, infrastructure, law enforcement, and a variety of other tracking applications. Better manage crises, and make better decisions.


Maximize the productivity of utilities equipment and personnel with our GPS tracking solution for utilities, featuring integrated work order management. Optimize routes and improve operations and disaster and storm response with high accountability.

Cable Telecom

Our GPS tracking platform can dispatch the closest available worker to a location, and send customers a dedicated link so that they can track where a service member is currently located. Increase customer satisfaction like you never thought possible.


GPS tracking platform allows construction companies to track vehicles and assets both during the workday and when in storage through the use of durable GPS devices that will stand up to any job site, increasing efficiencies and reducing fraud and waste.

Oil Mining Gas

GPS tracking software allows Operations to keep track of locations in the field and of equipment moving in and out of mining areas, as well as to personally track miners and other personnel working in potentially dangerous areas.Lets Get Use As Possible secure and under control.


Companies that make their profit by delivering goods need to move them from location to location in the most efficient, economical way. This means that employers must make sure that there are no inefficient practices that take place in there delivery companies.

Heavy Equipment

expensive equipment is key for heavy equipment owners. Now businesses can have peace of mind by securing it with a GPS tracking system and maintaining a constant awareness of both where their equipment is at all times and the conditions it’s operating

What Can We DO it

The development of technology brings many changes vary greatly from year to year, it’s time your company running quietly in the swift competition in the field of technology brings dampat gains in all industrial sectors of transport such as the speed of delivery of goods, by facilitating access to travel up to the systematic management of a fleet of lots ranging from care , fees online, as well as checking the driver in question in performing its duties

Complete overview of Fleet Operation

GPSKU Fleet is flexible and can easily accommodate fleets of various sizes.We have fleets as small as 3 to as big as 3500 vehicles using and trusting GPSKU

100 days storage of travel data and reports

Longest data storage in the industry that stores all travel route, reports and summaries for 100 days. Longer data storage can be requested.

Instant alerts

Receive immediate alerts for critical incidents such as vehicle movement, high speed, fuel theft and others. Alerts are sent to mobile apps, platform, or email.

Real-time tracking of all vehicle

GPSKU the best Fleet Management System in Indonesia is engineered to provide fleet managers with a complete overview of ground operation.

Exportable, printable reports

All vehicle and drivers reports are exportable to PDF and CSV format for printing.

Automated daily and weekly reports

Important reports are generated automatically and sent to fleet managers email on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Support for multiple fleets and managers

Manage multiple fleets using one single account. You may also add new fleet managers to handle different branches or fleet departments.

Get GPSKU for All Your Needs

GPSKU offers a variety of GPS trackers for motorcycles, cars, and heavy equipment, ranging from affordable prices to premium choices, supported by an original server made in Indonesia. Vehicle GPS installation is carried out by skilled technicians.

If you are interested in services like a Private Server, Custom Data Reporting, Android and iOS App Development, Location-Based Services for Sales Force, Couriers, Logistics, Attendance, API Integration for Corporations and Government (Ministries), as well as Online Zoom Presentations, please contact us..

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